Palatial Framework Album

Palatial Framework is available now from all major digital distributors (iTunes, Spotify, etc..). This collection of music is derived from a spirit of of unwavering individualistic determination. The energy required to construct the foundation for something large, imposing, and impactful must come from the well of pure belief. Pure belief is comprised of the complete

Out There – Part 2

3 HIS presence of mind vacillated as he rode. There were clear thoughts and those that were less clear. He was well into one productive line of thinking before a car approaching from the opposite direction distracted him. The sun was not so visible and appeared through small holes in an otherwise gray and overcast sky. In


“Spirit and energy have a cyclical relationship; each feeding from, and feeding the other.” “You know the way, the path has long been illuminated. Adherence to the path is the only remaining challenge.” 040717333- ###

Out There – Part 1

1 HE raised his head and looked out the window next to his bed. A series of loud noises echoed from multiple locations and seemed to surround the walls of his apartment, some from inside the building and others from outside. He grabbed a bottle of water and inhaled the remainder while gradually stretching himself

On Balance, Instincts and Values

Three core human tendencies are individualism, self-identification, and idealism. One way to productively channel these tendencies is to align them with existing value systems. Instincts are like vacuums that must be filled with direction; in seeking to manage how our instincts are expressed, we can do no better than to choose from time-tested practices. It is also important to note that values are

On Special Illusions

Each thing is an illusion to the extent that we attribute to it some subjective meaning. The things in life that we value the most are “special” illusions. To accept something as real is to give temporary life to it, and with life comes the trait of impermanence. The beauty of life is crystallized in

On Channeling

The ancient form of martial arts known as Haikido is founded on the principle of momentum. In Haikido students are taught to use the kinetic force generated by an opponent to their own benefit through re-direction. The primary lesson to be taken from this form is that existing energies may be utilized to one’s strategic

Hi-Passing the Mind

In the field of recording engineering there is a practice commonly utilized during the mixing stage of a project in which a High-Pass Filter is used to remove the lowest frequency ranges from all instrument types which do not utilize the lowest frequencies (often those below 100 hertz) as the core of their instrumental function.

On Micropolitics

Every man is a both a nation, and the president of his own country. Decisions concerning interactions with other nations pass through multiple internal checks and balances. Values, risks, capabilities, and short and long term goals are considered when determining the course of action to be taken in respect to other nations, or groups thereof.

Unsorted 1

On Faith Post Fidem signals the understanding that faith is a mere entry point for the eventual acknowledgement and assumption of one’s goal. The concept of faith itself, in any amount, implies some trace amount of doubt. Faith can also be viewed as a downgrade from the assumption of the existence of a thing, a

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